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Absolute Essential Head Ease (org) 10ml

Absolute Essential Head Ease (org) 10ml

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Headache, Migraine, Hangover, Clarity.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Lavender Sweet (organic), Peppermint (organic), Spearmint (organic), Lavender True (organic), Marjoram French (organic), Basil (organic).

Clear & refreshing. One drop to back of neck or temples to support release of painful tensions (avoid eyes). Suitable for diffusion & pulse points. Contains: Lavender*, Peppermint*, Spearmint*, Marjoram*, Basil*.

Headache -Supports the body's natural processes of relaxation and mental calm, which can help to lift heaviness and ease painful tensions. Can be used safely alongside medicine when necessary.

Migraine -People who suffer from migraines may find relief from the therapeutic support of this blend. Apply to nape of neck and temples as promptly as possible. Can be used safely in conjunction with medicines when necessary.

Hangover -Get back on track for the new day with cool, refreshing HeadEase. Always drink plenty of water to rehydrate.

Clear Thinking -This blend can also be used to create an atmosphere conducive to study or problem solving.