Absolute Essential Vanilla 45% (org) 5ml

Sexual Desire, Comfort, Positivity, Emotional Stability.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Vanilla planifolia, pods, certified organic, pods, presse, Madagascar

Familiar & Comforting. Used for emotional balance during challenging times. Helps when airing emotions, frustrations & hidden sensuality.

Comforting -Vanilla has a warm, sweet scent that can be used to help soften tense emotions. Add 5 drops to a diffuser or mix in bath water and feel the senses relax.

Emotional Stability -5 drops Vanilla 45% and 5 Lavender True can be diffused together to support natural emotional balance and composure. This recipe may be especially useful at times of intense pressure or sudden change.

Sexual Desire - When a person is able to relax and feel secure their body is more likely to respond to healthy sexual impulses. Use 5 drops in a diffuser or mixed in bath water to create an atmosphere conducive to intimate relations.

Positive Outlook -With its uplifting, comforting tones Vanilla is good company when the world gets you down. Diffuse 5 drops of Vanilla 45%, add to a bath or wear as a perfume. The scent will simply uplift the spirit and enhance your mood.

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