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Absolute Essential Tea Tree (org) 10ml

First Aid, Respiration, Foot Care, Healthy Environment.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Melaleuca alternifolia, plant, certified organic, distilled, Australia

Antiseptic, anti inflammatory, analgesic & anti-fungal properties. Good for natural skin healing. Diffuse to cleanse air. In water to disinfect.

Accidents -With its antiseptic properties, Tea Tree is an essential addition to any first aid kit. It supports natural healing processes for effective recovery from minor wounds and scrapes. Fill a basin of water, add 5 drops of Tea Tree and bathe using a face cloth. Repeat daily. Keep out of eyes.

Healthy Air -Diffuse 5 drops of Tea Tree when cold or flu is present. This helps to cleanse and purify the air and inhibit the spread of airborne infection. Repeat hourly.

Healthy Feet -A daily footbath with the addition of 5 drops of Tea Tree is a wonderful foot tonic for athletes. It has powerful anti-fungal properties to protect against infection and aid effective recovery. A drop dabbed directly onto an infected area is also beneficial.

Respiratory Function -Tea Tree is cleansing and fortifying and aids respiratory and immune functions. Add 10 drops to the bath or the diffuser and repeat for at least 5 consecutive days. Add 5 drops Eucalyptus and 5 drops of Lavender Spike to aid the effectiveness and enhance the scent.

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