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Absolute Essential Spearmint (org) 10ml

Pregnancy Nausea, Digestion, Uplifting, Alertness.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Mentha spicata, plant, certified organic, distilled, Morroco

Uplifting & refreshing for energy & mood. Diffuse to complement celebration & sharing. Also for motion sickness & nausea during pregnancy.

Pregnancy -To support sensory balance in the management of nausea, rub 1 drop of Spearmint on the solar plexus, or combine 3 drops with 3 drops Ginger for night time diffusion.

Digestion -Spearmint assists natural digestive processes and may be useful for colic, flatulence, nausea or vomiting. Mix 5-10 drops to 5ml of Olive oil and massage clockwise onto the stomach.

Uplifting -This uplifting, invigorating oil is perfect for entertaining. It supports healthy digestion and awakens the senses. Add 5 drops Spearmint, 5 drops Orange Sweet and 2 drops Ginger to a diffuser. Replenish as required.

Alertness -To wake up the senses and refresh the mind, add 5 drops of Spearmint and 5 drops of Rosemary Cineol to a diffuser. Refresh every hour.

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