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Absolute Essential Sandalwood Indian Extra 2ml

Calm, Skin Tonic, Sexual Desire, Nerves.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Santalum album organic, core wood 25yrs +, distilled, India Mysore

Rare and prized. Creates a relaxing & creative ambience. Good for communication & meditation. Calming & soothing to the skin. Also a male aphrodisiac.

Calm -This oil is relaxing and uplifting. It is great for use in a diffuser to help encourage a calm atmosphere.

Skin -The soothing properties of Sandalwood make it a wonderful skin tonic. It is great for massage treatments to promote calm and uplift both mind and body. Add a few drops to your massage blend.

Sexual Desire -Exotic, warm and creative, Sandalwood creates an intimate atmosphere that is conducive to open, sensual expression.

Nerves -For a wonderful nerve tonic add 10 drops of Sandalwood into the bath once a week.

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