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Absolute Essential Rose Damask 2ml

Absolute Essential Rose Damask 2ml

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Complexion, Hormone Balance, Birthing, Fertility.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Rosa damascena flower, distilled, traditional cultivation, Bulgaria

This pure Essential Oil symbolises love and beauty, promotes calm. Useful for grief or loss. Also hormone balance & fertility & great for rejuvenating mature skin.

Youthful Complexion -Rose is a great essential oil for mature or sensitive skin, smoothing wrinkles and leaving the skin soft, nurtured and feeling more youthful. You can make an exceptional luxury serum by blending 10 drops of pure rose oil in 5ml of Rosehip Oil and 5mls of Evening Primrose Oil, for a night time intensive treatment.

Women's Health -This beautiful oil is an exceptional woman's tonic. It has direct therapeutic benefit on natural endocrine processes for hormone balance. It is also a gentle aphrodisiac and can encourage the body's natural readiness for conception. Rose damask is also beneficial through the natural phases of menopause. Add 2 drops to 1ml of pure massage cream and apply to the tummy at night time.

Birthing -Welcome a new baby with the tradition of rose scented ritual. Add a drop to the mother's thighs and onto the chest. Baby's senses will be stimulated by this wonderful pure aroma known as the scent of angels.

Fertility -Rose oil assists endocrine balance and may help to enhance fertility. Surround yourself with this pure scent every day by blending it into your skin care or perfume or applying directly to the tummy at night time.