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What is Ph360 Epigenetic Profiling?

Ph360 Epigenetic Profiling is an incredibly powerful and innovative tool for personalised health, one that truly has the capacity to reshape how our society understands the role of epigenetic at an individual level.

Based on dozens of modern and traditional scientific domains - it uses complex algorithms developed to translate the distinct relationship between what your body looks like on the outside (phenotype), AND your genetic coding (genotype).

Phenotypic expressions form “trends” where similar groups of genes express themselves in similar ways… We call them “Bio Trends”... These form “Bio Types”... Or what we call “HEALTH TYPES”.

Based on this understanding of your unique HealthType you can learn very specific ways to AMPLIFY your Genius, OPTIMISE your Health and LIVE your Fullest Potential.

In short - what's the secret for you to find Ease and Flow in your unique mind and body.

In the actual profiling assessment, ph360 uses anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s measurements/ratios), family history, and assessment of your lifestyle and environment to determine your phenotypical and genotypical profile. There is no expensive genetic testing of saliva or blood- just using a simple tape measure.

Understanding the key needs your Health type is just the start... the ph360 personalised platform will share a wide range of personalised recommendations for you from food, movement, lifestyle, recommendations on optimal timing for meals, activities & relationship insights!

Plus KEY tools for how your brain and body are wired for decision-making, communication, stress, leadership, creativity, flow - its like a cheat sheet to unpacking your personal success and happiness!

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