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Absolute Essential Ravensar (wild) 5ml

Absolute Essential Ravensar (wild) 5ml

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Immune System, Fatigue, Arthritis. Lymphatic Detox.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Ravensara aromatica, plant, wild, distilled, Madagascar

Cleansing, fortifying qualities for immunity & joint mobility. Also for Lymphatic Detox.

Immune System -Reported to have strong anti-viral properties, Ravensar supports healthy immunity and may help protect against infections. Diffuse or add to bath or steam inhalation as a natural response to flu, bronchitis, coughs and colds.

Lymphatic Detox -A good essential oil for use with lymphatic drainage treatment - aids natural detoxification processes (supports urine flow) - especially recommended after the flu, illness or in the treatment of oedema.

Fatigue -Add 5 drops to diffuser to support healthy energy and encourage natural resistance to body and mind fatigue. Use as required.

Arthritis -Add 5 drops to bath, or carrier oil for massage to assist regular joint mobility and natural recovery in painful joint conditions.