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Absolute Essential Petitgrain Bigarade (org) 10ml

Calm, Confidence, Nervous System, Perfume.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Citrus auranthium aur., leaf/flower, certified organic, distilled, Paraguay

Also known as poor man's Neroli, from the leaves of the orange tree. Used to inspire calm & trust, clarity & self-assurance. Good for stress.

Nervous System -Petitgrain Bigarade supports natural balance in the nervous system and can be used to help access calm and clarity for body and mind. Add 5 drops in a diffuser.

Calm and Composure -Relaxing, restorative Petitgrain Bigarade may be especially useful in times of anxiety, anger or panic. Blend 5 drops with 3 drops Sandalwood and add to diffuser or bath.

Confidence -To help balance and fortify body and mind, place 1 drop of Petitgrain Bigarade on each wrist, or 10 drops to a diffuser at home or in office.

Perfume -Petitgrain Bigarade has a pleasant, alluring scent. Apply 10 drops to a diffuser or the bath to create a fragrant atmosphere or wear on pulse points as required.

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