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Absolute Essential Pepper Black (org) 5ml

Aphrodisiac, Circulation, Muscle Tonic, Back Pain.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Piper nigrum, fruit, organic, distilled, Madagascar

Energising & warming, stimulating & strengthening. Used to counter lows & inspire happy balance. Good for energy in winter. Enhances sexuality.

Circulation -To support healthy circulation, especially when exposed to winter ailments that may cause the body to be chilled (for example cold hands and feet, and chill blains) add 5 drops to 1ml of Olive oil. Massage into affected limbs twice a day.

Aphrodisiac -Enhance sexual appetite with 5 drops of Pepper Black oil to Sweet Almond oil and rub onto the lower back (only). A sensual, intimate atmosphere can be created in the bedroom by adding 5 drops of Pepper Black oil to a diffuser. May be sweetened by adding 5 drops of Ylang Ylang.

Muscle Tonic -To support relaxation and restoration when muscles are tight and tense, blend 3-5 drops in 1ml of carrier oil to apply direct, or on a hot compress. Repeat as required.

Back Stretch -Support massage therapy for back pain by blending 3-5 drops of Pepper Black oil in carrier oil, for massage or on a hot compress.

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