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Absolute Essential Patchouli (org) 5ml

Absolute Essential Patchouli (org) 5ml

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Confidence, Feet, Hands & Cracked Heels, Skin Tone.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Pogostemon patchoulii, leaf, certified organic, distilled, India/Indonesia

Strong earthy scent that reaches deep emotions & encourages natural life flow. Helps tone skin: good after weight loss. Also magic on cracked heels.

Skin Tone -To support effective recovery of skin tone following weight loss or pregnancy, add 5 drops to 5ml Grapeseed oil. Apply daily. The scent may be enhanced by blending with Cypress, Geranium, Orange Sweet or Cedarwood Atlas.

Healthy Fragrant Feet -Add 4-5 drops to a teaspoon of talcum powder, mix and place in your socks. This will help guard against fungal infection and perfume the feet. Add 5 drops of Peppermint to further enhance the effect and scent.

Gardeners' Hands & Cracked Heels -This is a wonderful oil for softening gardeners hands and soothing bare feet in dry summer conditions. Add 3-5 drops to half a teaspoon of moisturising cream and massage into affected areas. Repeat daily for great results.

Confidence -To support natural balance and confidence, and to promote harmony, add 5 drops to the bath once a week and 3 drops to the diffuser every other day. Blend with Lime for greater effect.