Absolute essential Oregano (org) 10ml

Thrush, Candida, Pimples, Office Work (Radiation Protection).

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Origanum compactum, flowering plant, organic, distilled, France.

Helps build immunity against virus, bacterial & fungal infection. Also antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & sedative properties, may ease allergic reactions. Warming relief for aches & pains.

Immunity -Burn 3-5 drops in a diffuser with other antiseptic essential oils such as Lemon and Thyme to create an environmental disinfectant against colds, flu and viral infections.

Muscular Pain -Oregano has a warming action that can be utilised in the treatment of muscular aches and pains. Add 5 drops to 10mls massage base and apply to affected area only. (Not suitable for neat application).

Nerve Tonic -Energises a tired mind and revives the senses, giving a feeling of well-being. Blend 2-3 drops with other uplifting essential oils for bath or diffuser.