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Absolute Essential Neroli 3% (org) 10ml

Absolute Essential Neroli 3% (org) 10ml

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Perfume, Skin care, Aphrodisiac, Confidence.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Jojoba Oil (organic), Neroli Blossom (Citrus auranthium, flower, certified organic, distilled, Egypt).

Perfume to complement self-confidence & initiative. Also assists rejuvenation in dry or sensitive skin. Good for adolescent skin. Blended for direct application (not suitable for use in diffusers or bath). Contains: Jojoba* & Neroli*.

Perfume -Apply 3-5 drops of Neroli 3% (organic) to the neck for a subtle, uplifting perfume. Repeat as required.

Skin Care -To support healthy circulation in response to varicose veins, broken capillaries and stretch marks during pregnancy, blend with a little Rosehip oil and massage into the affected area daily.

Aphrodisiac -Healthy libido in both men and women may be enhanced by adding 2-3 drops to 2-3ml of massage oil and applying daily to the spine and lower back.

Confidence -Support natural self confidence and motivation with the inspiring scent of Neroli. Simply add a drop or two to the pulse points, on the neck and wrist. This can be fortified by adding 5 drops of Petitgrain Bigarade.