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Absolute Essential Myrrh (wild) 5ml

Absolute Essential Myrrh (wild) 5ml

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Skin Care, Calm, Cuts & Wounds, Mouth Care.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Commiphora myrrha, resin, wild grown, distilled, Somalia.

This intense, musky scent offers calm & composure. Also natural healing in skin, particularly to gums & mouth ulcers.

Cuts & Wounds -To support natural healing, add 3 drops of Myrrh and 5 drops of Lavender True to water and wash affected area. Repeat twice a day.

Mouth Care -To aid natural healing from mouth ulcers, apply 1 drop of Myrrh direct to the gum. Repeat twice a day for 5 days.

Skin Care -For healthy, soft, revitalised skin after sun exposure, add 10 drops to 50gms of night cream or oil and apply to the face prior to bedtime.

Calm -The musky scent of Myrrh promotes an atmosphere of calm and composure. Add 3-5 drops to a diffuser in your bedroom or during meditation and relaxation time. Repeat as required.