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Absolute Essential Melissa True (org) 2ml

Nervous Tension, Grief, Circulation, Blood Pressure, Immunity, Shingles.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Melissa officinalis, leaf, certified organic, distilled, France

Melissa True is a rare pure oil with a harmonic, heart tone. Helps combat fear. Also grief & shock. Restorative to the entire body & mind. Beneficial to immune processes especially in shingles.

Nervous Tension -Melissa is exceptionally calming and restorative and supports natural balance in the nervous system. We recommend it as a natural response to any nervous conditions such as sadness, hypertension, hysteria, shock, anger, grief and fear. Use in a diffuser or massage/bath blend with other appropriate essential oils.

Circulation -Melissa can be used as tonic for the heart. It supports normal blood pressure and healthy circulation and may be especially useful as a natural support for people who experience palpitations. Add 1 drop to 3-5mls massage cream and apply to heart area as required. Always consult a health specialist.

Immunity Enhancer -Melissa supports natural vitality and a healthy immune system. Use 5 drops in a diffuser or bath.

Grief -When the heart is grieving and the emotional system is under strain, Melissa can be used to help restore balance and support calm acceptance.

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