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Absolute Essential Melissa 3% (org) 10ml

Absolute Essential Melissa 3% (org) 10ml

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Anxiety, Grief & Shock, Shingles, Immune System.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Melissa True, Melissa officinalis, leaf, organic, distilled, France, Jojoba Oil certified organic

Melissa True is a rare oil. A harmonic, heart tone. Support for fear., grief & shock. Restorative to the entire body & mind. Apply to heart area or pulse points. Blended for direct skin application (not suitable for use in diffusers or bath). Contains: Jojoba* & Melissa*.

Shingles -Anti-viral and sedative qualities of Melissa combine to support the use of this blend for shingles. Rub gently on to affected areas.

Grief & Shock -Personal loss or separation... when the heart is grieving and the emotional system is under strain, a gentle massage with this Melissa blend can help to restore balance and support calm.

Immune System -Melissa has general tonic qualities and supports natural vitality and a healthy immune system. Massage this blend into the body as required.

Rescue Response -The calming qualities of Melissa assist relaxation of mind and body and help to restore natural balance. Apply to pulse points when required.