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Absolute Essential Lime (org) 10ml

Absolute Essential Lime (org) 10ml

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Confidence, Positivity, Air Antiseptic, Appetite.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Citrus aurantifolia, rind, organic, cold pressed, Ivory Coast

Bold & intense for vital life energy. The uplifting properties complement action & fresh resolve.

Confidence Booster -The cheerful and stimulating aroma of lime refreshes the mind and supports natural con?dence levels. Add a few drops to a diffuser when con?dent action is required.

Positive Thinking -Use Lime (organic) to create an uplifting atmosphere that is conducive to a positive mindset. It may be especially helpful to counter heavy energy that fosters apathy, anxiety, sadness, listlessness and exhaustion. Add a few drops to a diffuser.

Air Antiseptic -Add 5 drops daily to an AromaStone or AromaLight to create healthy air balance to a sick room or of?ce. This also offers support to the immune function.

Eating -A few drops added to a diffuser will support a natural appetite. Particularly bene?cial for people who are not eating enough to sustain healthy body processes.