Absolute Essential Jasmine Absolute 2ml

Romantic Perfume, Confidence, Dry Skin Care, Labour.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Jasminum officinalis, flower, traditional, hexane extraction, Egypt

This pure essential oil complements intimacy & assists in the release of inhibition & doubt. Wear as a perfume to promote sensuality & romance.

Scent of Romance -Jasmine has a light, floral perfume with therapeutic value for opening the senses and lifting the spirit. Simply dab onto the pulse points to complement intimacy and playfulness.

Confidence Booster -Jasmine can be used to promote flow and positivity, and thus protect against 'stuck' energy that fosters anxiety and doubt. Apply direct to pulse points.

Skin Care -Use to provide extra nourishment to facial tissue, add 1 drop to your daily moisturiser. Especially beneficial and balancing for dry skin.

Labour -To assist natural relaxation and positive, flowing energy during labour, add 3-5 drops to massage oil and rub into the back as labour begins. Always consult with your midwife first.

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