Absolute Essential Jasmine 3% (org) 10ml

Romantic Perfume, Dry Skin, Confidence.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Jasmine Absolute (Jasmimum officinalis), Flower, Absolute, Traditionally grown, Egypt, in Jojoba Oil (organic).

Helps to release inhibition & self-doubt. A sensual aroma. Blended for direct application to skin (not suitable for use in diffusers or bath). Contains: Jojoba* & Jasmine.

Uplifting -Dab onto the pulse points for a sweet fragrance that supports a relaxed mind and body and enhances mood. Use 10 drops with 1 drop Patchouli or Lime for a subtle variation.

Confidence Booster -Jasmine aids natural relaxation to help counter anxiety and tension and to help gently lift the spirit. Wear as a perfume by applying to the pulse points.

Perfume -Simple and pure, Jasmine makes an uncomplicated, alluring perfume.

Skin Care -To enhance skin hydration, massage in gently with fingertips for daily facial care.

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