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Absolute Essential Grapefruit (org) 10ml

Absolute Essential Grapefruit (org) 10ml

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Uplifting, Fluid, Lymphatic System,Circulation.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Citrus paradisii, rind, organic, cold pressed, Australia

Lively scent for hope & confidence. Used to help flush fluids & toxin from body tissues. Famous for effect on Cellulite.

Uplifting -Grapefruit scent is light and clean and helps to stimulate a lift in the senses. Add a few drops to your diffuser in the morning to embrace the day with fresh, bright energy.

Circulation and Cellulite -Grapefruit has stimulant and antioxidant properties that contribute to a healthy skin dynamic. Add 5 drops of Grapefruit oil to a wet face cloth and rub vigorously on the areas concerned. Repeat daily after a shower for 3-4 weeks.

Fluid -To help stimulate a healthy fluid dynamic in areas prone to swelling and retention, add 10 drops to a footbath with Epsom salts. Repeat for 3 nights.

Lymphatic System -A professional massage practitioner can assist lymphatic drainage with the cleansing, stimulating qualities of Grapefruit. Add up to 30 drops to Grapeseed oil and apply where the lymph nodes accumulate. Follow with rest and plenty of water to give the body a good flush.