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Absolute Essential Dream Time (org) 10ml

Absolute Essential Dream Time (org) 10ml

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Insomnia, Nightmares, Sleep.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Orange Sweet (organic), Lavender Sweet (organic), Lavender True (organic), Marjoram French (organic), Mandarin (organic), Ylang Ylang II (organic), Cananga (traditional), Chamomile Roman (organic).

Soothes battered senses & aids deep relaxation for restorative sleep. Suitable for diffusion, pulse points, pillows, baths, & diluted for massage (see directions). Contains: Orange*, Lavender*, Marjoram*, Mandarin*, Ylang*, Cananga, Chamomile*.

Insomnia -This synergy is designed to support the natural sleep process and may be especially useful to people who find that difficult to access.

Restful Sleep -DreamTime encourages deep relaxation, which is essential for restorative sleep.

Nightmares -DreamTime fosters calmness and relaxation, which encourages a gentle, restorative process during dream time.

Directions -Diffusion: 10 drops, allow 10 minutes, replenish as required. Bath: 10 drops mixed into water. Pulse Points: apply a few drops direct to wrists and back of neck. Massage: add 10 drops to 1/2 teaspoon of carrier oil.