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Absolute Essential Child Care: Immune Plus (org)10ml

Absolute Essential Child Care: Immune Plus (org)10ml

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Immune Health, Recovery, Childhood Ills

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Lavender Spike (organic), Lavender Sweet (organic), Lemon (organic), Eucalyptus Australiana (organic), Fir Balsam (organic), Bergamot (organic), Manuka (wild), Ravensar (wild).

Supports healthy immune system plus natural recovery from childhood illness. Suitable for diffusion, inhalation or bath. Contains: Lavender*, Lemon*, Eucalyptus*, Fir*, Bergamot*, Manuka, Ravensar.

Childhood Ills -Chickenpox, measles, rubella, colds and flu... this synergy offers natural support as your child grows through inevitable sicknesses. It can be used safely with prescribed medicines when necessary. Always consult a healthcare specialist.

Immune Protection -When children begin to socialise with their peers in day-care, kindergarten or school, they will become exposed to many new bugs. A routine night-time diffusion or bath with Child Care: Immune Plus will give their immune systems regular support to help them stay as healthy as possible.

Directions -Diffusion: 5 drops, allow 20 minutes, replenish as required. Inhalation: Put a few drops on pillow or collar of pyjamas. On tissue for ages 3 up. Bath: 5 -10 drops mixed into milk and added to the bath for children from age 2, 1 or 2 drops in milk and added to baby bath from 6 months.