Waimarino Organic Coconut Oil 200mls 4 pack.


Waimarino Certified Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 200 MLS 4 pack comes in glass jars. Waimarino cold-pressed Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is produced from the finest organic coconuts harvested in Sri Lanka in accordance with the principles and certified standards to meet international regulations EU (EEC 2092/91) and USA (NOP/ USDA}

It has a smooth buttery taste of Coconut Oil. It is made from raw, pure cold-pressed virgin organic coconut oil. Because it is made from certified raw and virgin coconut oil it tastes and smells of coconut.

Waimarino Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is a medium-chain fatty acid. It contains the following;

  • Lauric acid        51%
  • Caprylic acid     7.8%
  • Myristic acid      19.5%
  • Capric  acid       6.5%

BBD June 2025

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