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Kiwi Quinoa 1kg

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Kiwi Quinoa is grown by Dan and Jacqui Cottrell in the volcanic soils of the Central Plateau, New Zealand. Kiwi Quinoa is grown spray-free using farming practices that benefit the environment and result in a delicious nutrient-dense quinoa.

Quinoa has been consumed for thousands of years and was known as the “Mother Grain” by the Incas. Native to South America, quinoa has recently exploded in popularity world-wide on the back of a rich nutritional profile. Quinoa is one of a few plants in the world that is a complete protein meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids – the ones the human body can’t make itself.

Kiwi Quinoa has a delicious mild and nutty flavour. It is a saponin-free variety of quinoa which means no bitter aftertaste. Kiwi Quinoa is very light on the stomach and is easy to digest. Not to mention it’s;
• Gluten Free
• Low GI
• GM free
• FODMAP friendly
• Can be sprouted

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